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20 2016

Mood Media’s GoConvergence and Technomedia Teams Help to Relaunch Permian Basin Petroleum Museum in Partnership with Jack Rouse Associates

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Newly modernized museum dazzles guests in an immersive, world-class facility, celebrating the rich heritage of oil and gas industry

ORLANDO, Fla. (July 20, 2016) – In collaboration with one of the world’s leading exhibit design firms Jack Rouse Associates (JRA), Mood Media’s brand content media studio, GoConvergence, and innovative immersive technologies division, Technomedia Solutions, recently relaunched the new Permian Basin Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas.

P2230365_highres-header-copyBuilt in the 1980’s, the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum chronicled the history of the petroleum industry in the Permian Basin. After 30 years, and in the middle of an oil revival, the museum was in need of an overhaul that would reflect the changes in oil production in the 21st century.

Brought in by Jack Rouse Associates, the GoConvergence and Technomedia teams consulted with the museum and leading petroleum experts to gain a better understanding of the many new technologies that are currently being used in the industry.

“We needed a strong media partner for this project, as we had a very complicated story to tell with The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum,” stated Rob Morgan, Design Director at Jack Rouse Associates. “With GoConvergence, we were able to find a partner that was able to produce highly engaging, educational and entertaining media content, using Technomedia’s latest technologies. Their work was the icing on the cake. They were quite simply wonderful.”

P2230390GoConvergence produced over 160 new videos for the new $18 million museum experience including multiple theatre films, interactive videos and biographies of people instrumental in the history of the Permian Basin. The production team filmed over 30 days of multi-camera time- lapse videos that captured the action of hydraulic fracturing and the drilling of new wells. The team also produced several animated films, including the depiction of how oil was formed, the journey natural gas takes to get from a well to a consumer’s home and how an oil well is managed over the course of its life.

“With the museum renovation being a decade long labor of love, it is an overwhelming feeling to finally see the experience come together from the earliest concepts to final execution,” commented Kathy Shannon, Executive Director at The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum. “The GoConvergence and Technomedia team’s fabulous media content production and system technologies raised the bar in the industry for immersive museum content.”

P2220097GoConvergence’s digital team created 19 educational interactive game-based learning experiences and quizzes for the museum that highlight the history of and current status of the petroleum industry. All of the interactive experiences are displayed on 44 touchscreen monitors that are data-driven and developed in a modular format, allowing for ongoing updates that will extend the longevity of the attraction. Entertaining video is integrated into each of the games and quizzes that are accessible through Technomedia’s multiple 22” touchscreens. Museum-goers can design a car, see a demonstration of how a perforating gun fractures the earth, and students can explore potential careers in the petroleum museum.

The centerpiece of the newly designed museum is the Petrotrekker, an interactive ride where guests experience the thrill of oil exploration aboard a spaceship that takes them around the world, and uses futuristic tools to find new regions rich in petroleum.  The combination of creative and interactive media, along with cutting-edge technology, allows the experience to be brought to life as guests initiate the controls for their journey around the globe.


“We are excited to celebrate the relaunch of The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum with the teams from Jack Rouse Associates and the museum,” stated GoConvergence Senior Vice President Brad Moore. “Guests will be amazed and in awe after experiencing everything that the new and improved museum has to offer them.”

P2220044The brand new Mythcrackers Theatre greets museum guests with one of two new movies produced in a game-show atmosphere, to capture the imagination of children and entertain adults as well. The Mythcrackers films help dispel myths surrounding the petroleum industry.

As a result of the new renovation, The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is now a completely modernized and immersive museum that has far exceeded the vision of the museum’s director.

“It is a world class museum! It could have been in New York, Paris, or London, but it’s not; it’s in Midland Texas,” says John Micelli, Mood’s President of Technomedia. “I love seeing the faces of new guests that come to visit for the first time. They find it to be a mind-blowing experience.”

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