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31 2016

GoConvergence Develops New Prototype Interactive Experiences for Guinness World Records Attractions

By goco

ORLANDO, Fla. (August 31, 2016) – In collaboration with Ripley Entertainment and the definitive authority on world records, Guinness World Records, brand content media studio GoConvergence has created digital interactive prototypes for their multiple U.S. and international attractions.

Mood Media-owned GoConvergence has conceived and assembled a special “laboratory” that designs, creates, constructs and installs new attractions in limited engagements before making them available to other Guinness World Records’ venues.

The new digital prototypes were developed by the GoConvergence team to leverage the competitive spirit of one of the world’s best-known brands by allowing guests to attempt to set genuine Guinness World Records titles in unique “digital” categories.

GoConvergence worked in unison with the team at Guinness World Records Attractions to develop highly engaging skill games including Frisbee Toss, Quick Lumberjack and Quickdraw.

FRISBEE TOSS is a custom 3-D interaction game, which has guests hitting a series of virtual targets for accuracy and best time in a virtual wooded forest area.

QUICK LUMBERJACK is an engaging 3-D interaction game, which allows guests to chop down virtual trees with an optically tracked axe, scoring with the best time to cut five trees.

QUICKDRAW is an interactive game, which tests a guest’s quickness and accuracy skills against virtual balloons onscreen.

“Guinness World Records Attractions is an innovator and the definitive authority on the world’s greatest achievements. The company wanted to raise the industry bar by creating some of the most unique and exciting new digital experiences for their guests,” stated GoConvergence Principal and Chief Creative Officer, Kenny Taht. “We are thrilled to create experiences where guests can go beyond just learning about the greatest records around the world; they can now actually immerse themselves in the record-breaking process.”

Once final testing of all the prototypes is complete, the individual experiences will be shipped to Guinness World Records Attractions venues throughout the world.

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