Waterpik, Inc. has been a leader in developing personal and oral health care products for the entire family since 1962. With the launch of the new Water Flosser and its first professional designer color series, the company was looking for a breakthrough marketing and creative strategy to grow its brand and attract a new audience.

Brand Action DRTV units: 5min, 2min & 1min


Traditionally, Waterpik marketed through the professional channel, partnering with dentists, but sales there had become stagnant. They needed a new way to engage consumers and acquire new customers.


With the DRTV campaign, GoCo saw an opportunity to “lift” the brand into the health and beauty personal care space with a focus on customer experience, along with Waterpik’s unique problem/solution story and superior clinical effectiveness.


GoCo’s rebranding strategy, along with a high-end creative approach that centered on consumer benefits, resulted in dramatic ROI and business success for the company. On TV the average MER was close to 2.0, and the company reported a double-digit lift at retail including at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Our new tag line, “Get the Most Out of Your Smile,” repositioned the brand for TV and delivered both a health and beauty promise to consumers.


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