St. Louis Union Station Projection Mapping

St. Louis Union Station was once the largest and busiest passenger terminal in the world. But when travel “went off the rails” and took to the air, rail depots became lonely places. So, St. Louis Union Station was converted into a hotel, shopping center and entertainment complex.


In 2015, as part of a $66.3 million restoration project of the station’s Grand Hall, the developers wanted a multi-media spectacular that would run several times nightly and be free to the public…and whatever hardware installations might be required, they could not disturb the hall’s historic architecture.


Along with our sister company, Technomedia Solutions, GoConvergence designed and produced the “Grand Hall Experience,” an ultra-high definition video and sound display that takes the audience on a journey of adventure, illusion and exciting historic recreations, all projected on the walls and 65-foot barrel vault ceiling of the massive hall. The show employs 14 high-resolution projectors, 10-channel surround audio, 4K digital media servers, consolidated control, LED lighting and narration by St. Louis notables John Goodman, Bob Costas and John Hamm.

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