Founded in 1994 in Suzhou, China, the Positec Tool Corporation was originally an OEM of hand and power tools for established brands like Sears and Black & Decker. Through a partnership, the company acquired the rights to use the “Rockwell” name for power tools. When the company shifted direction to become an independent manufacturer rather than a vendor, retailer resistance to the plan resulted in Positec going to a direct response approach.

Brand Action TV units: 1min, 30sec & 15sec


In 2015, Positec/Rockwell was ready to introduce a new concept in a consumer-grade table saw product and wanted to use a drive-to-retail :60/:30 brand campaign to accomplish it.


Our impressive production values created high brand awareness and drove strong sales at Lowe’s, meeting the client’s business goals for the campaign. The creative was honored with a silver Telly Award.

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