GoCo had partnered with Shark/Ninja in 2014 to launch the first Nutri Ninja through a :30 national TV campaign that was hugely successful in driving both awareness and retail sales. That partnership was renewed for this launch to build on that success.

“Power All You Do with Nutri Ninja and Auto IQ”.  GoCo created a 3D animatic for online focus group testing. As an outcome of the testing the purchase intent indexed very high and the client had proof of concept in the pre-launch phase.


Previous Nutri Ninja blenders had achieved dramatic sales results in the core family demographic. With this new entry into the category, the client was looking to broaden the Nutri Ninja’s appeal to include fitness-minded adults and anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle.


GoCo repositioned the brand for TV with the tag line “Power All You Do with Nutri Ninja and Auto IQ.” We applied that to a highly energetic and engaging campaign featuring a broader selection of Ninja users and slice-of-life moments.


Shark/Ninja reported an increase in its year-over-year sales across all channels. The campaign is currently on air.

Sample GoCo Storyboard

Every commercial shoot begins with a unique concept, script and storyboard layout. Our storyboards enable clients to visualize the idea as well as make any necessary edits to the concept before shooting begins.


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