The Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board helps direct vacationers to some of the most pristine beaches and turquoise waters in the world. By visiting the NPI web site, potential travelers can book member hotels and resorts, as well as a wide array of adventures and dining options around the island.

The Challenge

Determine what makes the perfect vacation destination and how to increase traffic to the many different NPIPB member hotel and resort portals.


GoCo’s immediate goal was to drive people to the website, where they could book hotel accommodations and view videos that are activity-specific (shopping, dining, beaches, hotels).

To do this, GoCo conducted focus groups around the country to examine what, exactly, makes the perfect vacation for families, couples and individuals. We also compared other popular vacation destinations to determine their similarities and differences.

Here, we were able to put our DR experience to work on destination marketing. In the DR shows, as well as both short-form and long-form commercials, we portrayed a vacation to Nassau Paradise Island as desirable, accessible and attainable…and then added a compelling offer. In effect, we merged a brand statement with the urgency of a retail message.


  • 1 Million

    Web bookings

  • 100%

    Increase in web traffic

  • 55%

    Increased TrueView Visits

Website Content

Working closely with the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board, GoCo created short-form and long-form national television commercials, TruView web spots, and other multi-channel assets that have made the most visited portal for vacations in the Caribbean.

Print and Collateral

GoCo created the new Nassau Paradise Island Promotions Board Brand Guidelines, as well as a Visitor’s Guide and Destination Guide. For tourists, these pieces offer an abundance of information on where to stay, where to go and what to do during a vacation to Nassau Paradise Island.


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