The Miami Children’s Museum

In 2003, the museum moved and expanded into a 56,0000-square-foot building that was an “empty palette” in need of exhibits and immersive experiences designed not only to entertain children but to educate them on health, the arts, literacy, and more.


The original challenge was huge. All that space needed to be filled with exciting experiences and engaging materials to meet the developmental needs of all children in a multicultural community. The most recent challenge was to create new experiences to attract new guests and the guests who no longer frequented the museum.


GoCo created all the interactive exhibits, program content and audio/visual systems for this cross-generational experience. Today, children can participate in immersive experiences such as a bike rally through Miami, learn how to play different sports through an interactive experience, learn the benefits of eating healthy food through another creative interactive experience, and every experience has been programmed in English and Spanish to meet the needs of the community.

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