For more than ten years Lovesac has been a successful yet slow-growing premium retail brand. To promote and sell its flagship product, the Sactional couch system, they have relied on customer referrals and word of mouth along with a digital strategy including a social media presence. Lovesac brought GoCo on board to create their first-ever :30TV brand spot launch along with a companion radio campaign and digital video content.

“The World’s Most Adaptable Couch”. GoCo produced a high-end 3D Animatic and worked with Lovesac to conduct an online research study with consumers.  Two versions of the creative were tested and both creatives scored high as a result. The winner was then slotted for final production and launch on broadcast TV.”


Lovesac’s core business is selling Sactionals at retail and the marketing initiative centered on the use of a :30TV spot and companion radio ad to create awareness and drive traffic to its stores.


GoCo’s creative team, led by Executive Creative Director Kenny Taht, conceived a dynamic visual approach to the TV spot that used robotic cameras and 3D animation to demonstrate how the Sactional truly is the world’s “most adaptable couch”.  In :30 seconds we showed how it can transform into many different configurations, fit any room, and any style and change with you as your life changes.   


The initial San Francisco Bay Area drive-to-retail test was a success and provided proof of concept for the client. Based on this success the client expanded the media roll out to include additional DMA’s nationally. The client reported:

“GoCo was a great partner for creating our first Sactionals TV commercial. They delivered on the brief to intrigue our targets with a truly innovative couch that can fit almost any space or style and look forever like new. I think the way Kenny and team planned out and leveraged the 3D animation was key to the success we are seeing with the spot. The message and visuals came together really well, and ad testing confirmed that viewers understand the benefits of Sactionals technology. The best part, of course, is seeing the sales results now in market.”

Pat Santangelo, Lovesac VP of Marketing

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