Intrepid Air & Space Museum Complex

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, located in New York City, is a collection of numerous military pieces that now includes a Cold War-era submarine and numerous aircraft. The centerpiece of the museum is the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, which now hosts the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

Theater Video

Written and produced by GoCo, this 8-minute long video, narrated by actor Leonard Nimoy, traces the development of rocket planes through the history of powered flight, culminating in the Space Shuttle and its 30 years of achievements.


When the museum was chosen to receive the retired Space Shuttle Enterprise, the facility was faced with two immediate challenges: how to display it — at least temporarily — and how to raise funds for the construction of a permanent installation for the spacecraft.


The museum engaged GoConvergence to assist in creating an immersive, up-close guest experience. A six-screen theater presents an 8-minute video narrated by Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy that traces the development of rocket planes throughout aviation history, right up to the Space Shuttle’s 30 years of achievements. An immense platform elevates guests to get a nose-to-nose view of the craft. And, for fund-raising, interactive kiosks give visitors the chance to purchase names for stars and then locate those stars in the night sky projected above the Enterprise.

Interactive Kiosks

To raise funds for a permanent exhibition space for the Enterprise, and to expand its educational outreach programs, interactive kiosks allow visitors to purchase the chance to name a star and then locate their star in the night sky displayed above the Shuttle.

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