Generac is the #1 brand of automatic home standby generators in the world.  When the power goes out in your home, or place of business, due to bad weather or an unreliable electric grid system, 7 out of 10 people choose a Generac.


Create a lead-gen campaign using long-form, mid-form and short-form Brand Action DRTV to grow the company’s sales through a 5000-strong dealer network nationwide, and drive brand awareness.


GoCo partnered with the Generac marketing and executive teams to develop a creative strategy that resulted in a unique and highly engaging documentary-style approach to the storytelling.  It included a male and female Host team to expand the target audience to include the female decision maker along with the core male target.

Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey was contracted and featured as a both an Energy & Cyber Terrorism Expert to report on his vast knowledge of existing failures in the national electric grid system along with the new threat of cyber attacks.

Intimate and emotional customer success stories conveyed the real problems and even devastation that can result from extended power failures, and the appreciation and trust people have for the always reliable Generac solution.


Having launched and tested successfully in Q4 2016, the campaign is now in its second year of driving success for Generac.

GoCo continues to work side by side with the client to optimize performance and test new offers based on seasonal opportunities.

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