Shark/Ninja is the fastest growing, most innovative developer of home appliances in the world. GoCo and Shark collaborated to successfully launch an entirely new technology and new product category at the same time.

Brand Action DRTV units: 28:30, 5min, 2min, 1min, 30sec


In 2013 Shark/Ninja called on GoCo to launch its first Sonic Floor Cleaning System for the home, the Shark Sonic Duo, designed for daily/weekly maintenance of carpets and floors. It was never-before-seen technology that needed to be expertly presented and demonstrated in order for viewers to become instant “believers.”


GoCo saw an opportunity to use expanded in-home “WOW” demonstrations with real people conducting actual problem/solution success stories in their homes as engagement, education and crucial peer validation. Along with compelling host demos and inspirational 3D animations, it proved to be a winning formula.


The breakthrough DRTV campaign for Shark® Sonic Duo™ proved to be a breakaway hit. Within a month of its launch, the long-form campaign reached #1 in the Jordan Whitney rankings, simultaneously driving strong direct sales on TV, the web and at major retailers including Wal-Mart.

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