Cirrus Aircraft, founded in 1984, took the general aviation industry by storm with its innovations in composite construction, digital avionics and both passive and active safety (most notably its CAPS systems, making Cirrus known worldwide as “the plane with the parachute.”) Today, Cirrus is the leading seller of single-engine piston aircraft.


The Cirrus business strategy has never been to grow purely by taking market share from its competition.  They also wanted to “grow the pie” for all of the players by bringing more customers into the category of personal aviation.  An outgrowth of this philosophy was “The Cirrus Life” campaign, designed to show that a Cirrus aircraft would open unimagined possibilities for business, leisure travel, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with family and friends.  Some campaigns have “legs.”  This one had “wings.”


GoCo is proud to have provided marketing support for Cirrus since 2008. The Cirrus Life allowed us to continue and grow that association as we created new print ads, direct mail, collateral, exciting “webisodes” about the life of Red Bull Air Race pilot (and Cirrus owner) Mike Goulian, as well as powerful videos for the Cirrus sales team.  We went into the field (and into the sky) to capture “voice of customer” testimonials from Cirrus customers of all stripes, showing that if there was a common thread among them what a Cirrus would mean to enriching their lives, it was “We had no idea!”

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