Ever since the original company was founded in 1859, the name BRINKS has been synonymous with security and protection. With its first foray back into consumer marketing since exiting the home security business, BRINKS looked to leverage its famous brand history with a new product launch in the financial services category.

Brand Action DRTV units: 2min & 1min


BRINKS partnered with NetSpend to launch the new BRINKS Pre-paid MasterCard in the very crowded category of general purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid credit cards, which includes major players like American Express Serve. GoCo saw an opportunity to develop creative around a unique brand promise that would help BRINKS draw on its famous heritage, cut through the clutter and connect with consumers.


GoCo’s branding strategy for DRTV and tag line “BRINKS Knows What’s Valuable To You” successfully positioned the brand to clearly communicate to consumers its value, benefits and differentiators.


GoCo’s creative approach drove immediate and measurable success. Now in year two, the client reports the campaign “continues to do extremely well,” delivering a better than expected cost per order (CPO).

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