3M Innovation Centers

For more than 100 years, 3M has been a powerhouse of American industry and manufacturing, producing more than 60,000 products. 3M is still best known for its sandpapers and tapes but, today, one-third of the company’s sales come from products invented in the last five years.

The customer journey includes an immersive video hallway featuring “voice of customer” success stories, a 360-degree 3D film in a domed theatre, and more than 20 guest-driven interactive exhibits for 3M technologies and stories of product development.

The Challenge

Most of the company’s customers had no real understanding of the amazing technologies 3M was using in its many other businesses, or that 3M innovation is driven by making “uncommon connections” between those core technology platforms.


In 2006, the company decided to build a unique B2B experience, the 3M Innovation Center. Working in partnership with Sparks Exhibits, GoCo designed and created all of the video presentations and interactive experiences within this center.


  • 14,000
    Visitors the First Year
  • 285

    Unique Events

  • 6X

    Innovation Centers

To date, GoCO has created experiences for 3M Health Information Services in Salt Lake City, Utah and Silver Spring, Maryland and in Dubai.


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